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Site Moved!

arden - 02-Dec-04 2:25:53pm

Nasty PC's new home is here

Mono Cracker 2.1

arden - 16-Feb-04 6:08:20am

Just updated Mono Cracker and made a C++ Class for encrypting and decrypting data.

The Monoalphabetic Chipper is a very old form of Cryptography and is very insecure. I just added it as a start to the Cryptography section which I never seem to have the time to work on.

Over the last few months I've been getting a good few hits from search engines, people looking for information on the Monoalphabetic Chipper, so I decided to update the program and make it open source, hopefully others will find it useful in some way.


NAC Converter

arden - 16-Feb-04 6:10:11am

NAC Converter is a positioning program, mainly used with GPS systems for converting different positioning formats, such as NAC, UTM and Longitude / Latitude.

You find out more information here.

NAC Converter (260KB)
NAC Converter Source Code (11KB)
NAC Converter Class (5KB)

rajas MusicBox

arden - 28-Oct-03 3:56:20am

Over the weekend I started a small project for a friend which has great potential for expansion.

Although it may be considered to be a boring project I was surprised as to how handy a program like it could be for such use.

The program basically manages mp3's. It may seem very limited but like I said, it was only started over the weekend and I have plenty of ideas for it in the near future. I'll upload the current version in a while and continue to update it from then on, adding new functions like playing mp3's from archives without having to decompress them first, gathering info from mp3's and displaying more info, and making the search feature a bit more powerful for searching for such things as artist, album etc instead of just matching words.

So stay tuned and I'll add the project to the current projects shortly.

Nasty PC's back in Action

arden - 23-Oct-03 2:55:00am

It's been just over a month and I finally got the time to get the site back up and running. There

MapManager 1.5 Beta Testers Needed

arden - 27-Sep-03 8:06:46am

Just a small update. I've been getting a lot of email from people who would like to test Map Manager 1.5 before it gets fully released.

So I thought I'd give it a try and see how it turns out, I'll be testing it myself, but hopfully some people will find one or two thingd I might have missed, hopfully meaning that I know I'll not spot them all

Again Map Manager 1.5 has been delayed due to me being in a full time course and I cant assess my computer throught the colleges proxy anymore :( plus the fact that I'm not allowed to install Borland C++ Builder on the colleges computers doesnt help.

So, you might be wondering when or where abouts the project is, well the TMaps class is about 95% done, same for the TArchives Class, these are the main bluk of the component, the rest should just fall into place, just incase your intrested heres a list of the other classes which are all about 30% done

TCache will have a number of other classes for specifac games, like unreal
Yep that right, a cache converter for Unreal! (hopefully)

I might be missing a little here and there but I'll fill it in later or on the forms/emails. You can sign up for beta testing here.

MapManager 1.5 Component

arden - 20-Sep-03 7:55:59pm

I started a Software Development course on the 12th of the May and the first language were doing it ANSI C++, so for the basic stuff I've been doing my own thing which as it turns out was working on Map Manager.

I decided to rewrite a lot of the functions, to try and make them as object orientated as possible, as I was going to put them into dll's so the next few new version of MM will be a lot easier to update.

It all came to a holt when I realized I had code everywhere, so I packed it all in and decided to make a component instead, which will be able to do everything that MM 1.5 can do with the possibility for other programmers to included the functionality into there own programs. It will be written in C++ as I don't know that much Delphi, sorry lads! but when I release the source fell free to convert it over, and send me your ideas for improvements, as I'm sure there will be a few.

I know I said sometime before June, but it might be a little after due to the course, but I'll keep the site updated on that.

Quick update on Things

arden - 27-Sep-03 8:08:42am

Not really a lot to say, I haven't done much with MM 1.5 in a while now, been busy doing nothing, as funny as that may sound.
The past few weeks I've started a few other projects and finished them, but they will remain private for now, but this is mainly the reason for not working on MM.

I'm still receiving a lot of emails (I think people are afraid of the forms) about ideas and comments for the next release of MM, and I'd like to thank everyone for taking the time to do this.

I've decided to set a temporary deadline for MM 1.5 so hopefully it will encourage me to get the ball rolling. Some time before June I'll upload a current status version of MM which hopeful be the fully working version, but don't hold me to that.

If you have any more ideas you know where to send them to, or forms.

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